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Shiny beige midi corset dress

Shiny beige midi corset dress
Shiny beige midi corset dress

Shiny beige midi corset dress

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Attention: corset production time is up to 10 working days.

Shiny beige midi corset dress. Beige corset dress base covered with beige glitter, wave pattern. Corsets are made, from special certified materials. Spiral metal bones made of steel are used in the manufacture, which adapt to your figure.

▪️ They tighten the waist by 10% of the real girth

▪️ Straightens posture, tightens the sides and creates excellent silhouette

▪️Beautifully lifts and supports breasts

▪️Maybe with or without push up

Composition: 45%Nylon 42%Polyester 10%Cotton 3%Elastane


Care for shiny glitter.
Glitter is as beautiful as it is gentle and delicate.
We have written you a short instruction in order the glitters to shine in their places.
But you need to understand a part of that shining coating will fall off anyway. The glitter on the bottom part will stay strong if you follow these tips:

Hand wash only. The best delicate washing products are soup water or shampoo.
No soaking and high temperature. Only room temperature water and light movement with soupy sponge inside the product.
No wringing out. The best way to dry the item is to put it on horizontal position.
No ironing. The product hardly ever wrinkles. You can only use not so hot steaming inside of it.

Shine brightly in our shiny corsets.

  • Size chart

    Required measurements for ordering:

    ▪️ Bust

    ▪️ Girth under the bust

    ▪️ Waist circumference

    ▪️ Cup height

    ▪️ Hip girth

    ▪️ Hip girth on the level 15 cm from the waist

    ▪️ Cup size if you need a corset with cups

    On some occasions we may need some more measurements or a photo to understand your figure as best as we can. We will reach out to you personally if this is necessary.

    Also, please find video instruction on how to take measurements correctly here.